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How to use Bill Pay

Bill Pay allows you to pay bills, send friends money, and transfer money between banks.

To qualify for Bill Pay, you'll need to have a Northwest Checking account with NWCU and be enrolled in eBanking. Essential Checking is currently not eligible for Bill Pay.

Get Set Up on Bill Pay

  1. Log into eBanking.
  2. In the menu, select Preferences and then Bill Pay Accounts.
  3. Choose the accounts you'd like to sign up for Bill Pay and then Save.
  4. If you'd like to remove an account from Bill Pay, you'll uncheck the box for the account, and then Save.

Once you're set up on Bill Pay, select Transactions and then Bill Payment from the left-hand menu. Your first visit there will give you a step-by-step process to set up bill payments automatically. In that first page, you can select "What else can I do?" to go to the main portal, where you'll find more Bill Pay and POPMoney options.

How to Send Money

You can transfer money to and from your NWCU savings and checking accounts. Learn how to link up accounts at other institutions.

You can select "View All Bills Now" from the right-hand menu. This will allow you to:

  • add or delete payees
  • view payment activity
  • visit the Bill Pay site

How does Bill Pay Work?

Once you’ve set up your billing details, payments will be processed automatically. Checks can be sent out in one of three ways: draft check, cashier’s check, or electronically. Electronic and cashier’s checks withdraw funds from your account around 11AM on the scheduled payment date. Any payments scheduled after 11AM will go out the next business day. Draft checks will withdraw funds when the payee cashes the check.

To avoid late fees, be sure to check each payee's delivery date and ensure funds will be available when the payment is set to pull.

How to Edit or Cancel a Payment

You can edit or cancel a payment, but must do so before 11 AM on the day it is scheduled for payment.

To do this, select the payment under the Pending Payments screen and click “Cancel” or “Change”. If you see the word "processing," this means it's too late to edit or cancel a payment aside from placing a stop payment request.

How Can I Place a Stop on a Check That has Been Sent?

If it’s too late to cancel or edit a payment, you’ll need to request a stop payment. Contact us via phone at (800) 452-9515 or send us a Secure Message via online banking is the best way to stop a check that’s gone out as scheduled.

Stop payments on Bill Pay checks follow our standard fee rate and can be done up to six months after the check is written. If you're waiting for a payment to clear, we recommend waiting 5 business days before placing a stop, to allow the payee time to receive and process the payment."

How Do I Find Out What Happened to My Check?

We partner with PartnerCare to provide you the Bill Pay service. They guarantee each mailed payment, so long as the information provided for the payee is accurate, and the payment date is no later than your due date. If a payee tells you that a check hasn’t reached them, or that your payment is now late due to an undelivered check, you can submit a payment inquiry.

How to submit a payment inquiry:

  1. Open Bill Pay
  2. Navigate to the Payment Center
  3. Select the payment in question under the Recent Payments section (if in the past 30 days), or Activity tab (if more than 30 days)
  4. In the Payment Details screen, click to submit a Payment Inquiry and fill out the required details

When a payment inquiry is submitted, we recommend that you let the payee know that PartnerCare will be in contact to resolve any issues for that check delivery. PartnerCare will reach out to the payee, and update NWCU (and you) with each attempt at contact. If PartnerCare is unable to reach the payee, you will receive a phone call, email, and/or message via online banking.

How Can I Transfer Funds to Another Bank or Credit Union?

Transfers between financial institutions can be initiated via the Transfer Money tab. First, you’ll need to link the account at your other institution to your Bill Pay service.

To link accounts:

  1. Click “Add an Account”
  2. Select the Account Type, and fill out the Routing and Account Number fields
  3. Once the account is added, two (2) test deposits will post to the other account within 2 business days
  4. Once the deposits post, a link will appear to verify the information on the Transfer Money main screen

The first-time transfer limit between accounts is $2,000.00, and each individual transfer has a $1.00 transfer fee. After your first transfer, amounts transferable and frequency of transfers will vary per person, based on your established transfer history and where the funds are sent.

What is POPMoney?

POPMoney allows you to transfer money via email or text to other people, even if they're not NWCU members.

There is a small fee, based on the amount of money you're sending:

Amount of Transaction Fee
$0 - $249.99 $0.50
$250 - $999.99 $0.70
$1,000 - set max. $1.50

The person you're sending money to doesn't have to have an account with Northwest Community Credit Union. They'll receive an email or text with instructions on how to retrieve their money. If they don't set up a profile or accept the funds within 10 days, the money is returned to your account.

Note: payments are not allowed outside of the U.S. or Puerto Rico.

How to Send Funds via POPMoney

  1. Click “Get started” on the main POPMoney menu
  2. Enter the payee's first and last name
  3. Select to have money delivered via an email address, mobile phone number, or directly to their bank account
  4. Enter amount you wish to send and delivery date

POPMoney can also be used to send funds to a charity that the service partners with, by selecting “Charity” instead of “Person.”

Read our Electronic Services Agreement.