How to Talk About NWCU

Northwest Community Credit Union, a division of TwinStar Credit Union.

It can be shortened to Northwest Community Credit Union or NWCU." 

We do not go by Northwest Credit Union, NCCU, or NWCCU.


Tag us on Social Media

If you’re sharing something about us on social, we’d appreciate a tag! Here’s where you can find us on social media:

Facebook: @northwestcommunity

Twitter: @nwcu Twitter page

Instagram: @northwest_community

LinkedIn: NWCU LinkedIn page

YouTube: NWCU YouTube page

NWCU Logos

Email us at to request a logo. Please include the following in your request:

  • Size specifications: height, width, and resolution
  • Color specifications: black & white, full color, or single color
  • How the logo will be used: will this be printed on newsprint, a colored shirt, on a website, etc.? Make sure to list all locations where our logo will be used.

Media Inquiries

If you’re interested in talking with someone from NWCU about a story, email