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Sign up for eStatements

eStatements are your no-cost monthly statements from NWCU in a digital format. Paper statements cost $2 per printed statement every month.*

Why sign up for eStatements?

Here are some of the benefits to using eStatements:

  • Free. Paper statements cost $2 per printed statement every month.*
  • Secure. You receive your eStatements through NWCU's online banking access rather than by mail. They'll be in your account and available to view or print out.
  • Environmentally friendly. Signing up for eStatements means that you'll no longer have paper statements mailed to you, so you'll be saving lots of paper.
  • Efficient. eStatements are available online sooner than paper statements through the mail system. You can access your eStatements any time, day or night, and can print them if you'd like. Storing all your statements online makes organizing them much easier--no papers to shred or store!
  • Easy. We provide this convenient, secure service to you at no charge. All you have to do is sign up online!
  • Access to previous statements. Each individual statement is available to view for 24 months.

How to sign up for eStatements

Log into your eBanking app and select eStatements under delivery preferences!

Having trouble signing up? Give us a call at (800) 452-9515 and we can help.

If you have a business or trust account, you'll have a few extra steps. Please give us a call or visit a branch to get set up for business or trust eStatements.

Note that credit card eStatements are a separate process. Instructions for enrolling in credit card eStatements are below.

How to View and Print your eStatements

Once you’re enrolled, you can login to eBanking and access your eStatements at any time! Once you’re logged in to eBanking or your mobile app, navigate to, “eStatements/eNotices” in the menu and then select your primary savings account. This should take you to a list of visible statement documents.

If you’d like to print or download an eStatement, you'll need a PDF reader installed on your computer.

  1. Select the statement you want to print or download
  2. Hover over the statement with your mouse cursor, or right-click to generate options to Print or Download to your computer.

How to Opt Out of eStatements

Navigating to the Settings link above your list of statements, you can select:

  1. What email address receives statement notifications
  2. Disable/enable these notifications
  3. Opt-out of eStatements, which means you’ll receive paper statements again

How to Sign up for Credit Card eStatements

To enroll in eStatements for your credit card, visit the Credit Card Services menu in online banking. After selecting your credit card account, you’ll be given a main page detailing your credit card information. To set up eStatements for your credit card:

  1. Select Services
  2. Select Statement Delivery
  3. Click the box below “Check to Receive e-Statements” and follow the prompts

Read our Electronic Services Agreement.

Accounts exempt from the paper statements service charge are:

  • Youth Accounts
  • All consumer and business accounts that have a tax owner (primary), non-tax signator (joint), or business non-tax owner ages 62 and overwill be exempt from the paper statement fee.
  • All conservator, guardian, custodian, estate executor, representative payee, and trusteeroles are exempt.
  • All hemp accounts are also exempt from the paper statement fee.
  • DreamSavers and IDA accounts
  • Visa statements