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Your Money in College

Welcome to your next chapter of education! We’re here to help support you by helping you figure out money so that you can concentrate on all the exciting new experiences and things you’re going to learn.

What’s a Credit Union?

A credit union is a not-for-profit financial co-operative, which means that we’re a financial institution owned by our members. We offer things like debit cards and checking accounts, credit cards, auto and home loans, and even business products. In this way, we’re kind of like a bank.

You may think, “I’ve already got a bank. Why use a credit union?” This is where things get good. Since we’re a co-op, we don’t have shareholders like banks do. That means that all profits a credit union earns go back to members, like in the form of lower fees and better rates than banks.

Learn more about the differences between a bank and credit union.

Money and College

College is a time of learning, growth, and change. It’s also an expensive time and worrying about your cash flow can take your mind off your studies.

Our quick guide to handling your finances in college:

  • Have a budget
  • Stash away money for savings whenever possible
  • Use a credit card for emergencies
  • Keep your eyes on your money daily or weekly using digital tools

Another thing to keep in mind when you’re paying for things using your debit card is overdrafts. NWCU has an overdraft program that allows you to make a payment even if there isn’t enough money in your account for a small fee. This is handy in a pinch, but what’s even better is not overdrafting at all. Read our tips for 7 ways to avoid overdrafting your account.

How NWCU Can Help You

Financial Resources

We have lots of resources to help you manage your money while you’re furthering your education. We partner with BALANCE* to provide all our members with a free resource for financial education and coaching.

The BALANCE program has financial calculators, podcasts, videos, and more that can help you learn about financial topics and concepts. BALANCE also offers free financial coaching for things like student loans, debt and budgeting, and credit report reviews; it’s easy and free to get help from an accredited financial coach!

Financial Calculators

We’ve also got a few financial calculators that can help you with some of your larger financial decisions.

Credit Card Payment Calculator

Savings Goal Calculator

Auto Loan Calculator

Products & Services

Whether you need a debit card and a checking account, an auto loan, or an emergency credit card, we can help! And we’ve got several ways for you to manage your money from your smartphone:

Become a member today and let us help you navigate your money so you can focus on your education.

*BALANCE is not owned or operated by NWCU. BALANCE is a nonprofit certified by HUD to provide comprehensive housing counseling service and is accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Services for Families and Children, Inc.