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BALANCE Financial Services

Northwest Community Credit Union partners with BALANCE* to offer our members a free resource for financial wellness.

"I've used BALANCE for budgeting on two different occasions and I've learned something from each experience that I still use in my budgeting style every month!" Hannah, member since 2006.

BALANCE Resources

BALANCE has lots of helpful resources that can help you navigate your finances.
Servicios en Español.

Financial Tools

BALANCE has financial education resources like:

  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Checklists
  • Quizzes
  • Podcasts
  • Financial Calculators
  • Toolkits

These resources cover everything from financial basics about savings and credit to more advanced concepts like home equity, 401(k)s, and starting or managing a small business.

"When my daughter was 16 or 17, I had her set up an account with BALANCE and had her use it to learn about credit building, budgeting, etc. She just purchased her first home at age 22, and I think what she learned through BALANCE was a big part of her financial success!" -Liberty, member since 2010.

Financial Coaching

BALANCE can provide you with financial help from accredited financial coaches. You'll set up a time and get help, one-on-one. They provide counseling for things like:

"We used BALANCE's home buying coaching to prepare us for buying a house. It helped us understand a lot about the home buying process and the financial requirements, which prepared us really well." -Fatemeh, member since 2015.

How To Create a BalanceTrack Account

BalanceTrack is a program that offers financial education courses.

Create a BalanceTrack Account

To create a BalanceTrack account, click on the “Create one now” link under the login button. It only takes a minute!

Once you’ve created an account and logged in, you can find the BalanceTrack courses under the Program menu at the top of the homepage.

Note: BALANCE is not owned or operated by NWCU. BALANCE is a nonprofit certified by HUD to provide comprehensive housing counseling service and is accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Services for Families and Children, Inc.