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Uncommon Oregonians: The Caring Crusader

Lynette Nielsen, Inspirational Cancer Survivor
Member Since: 2002
Favorite Branch: Roseburg
Loves Her: Northwest Community Membership

For Lynette Nielsen, the diagnosis of non-small cell lung cancer started a 6-month journey that included a combination of chemotherapy and radiation.

As of today, Lynette has been cancer free for just over a year. She credits the medical professionals at the Community Cancer Center in Roseburg. But it’s obvious that the credit should also go to her tireless spirit and can-do attitude, which she replenishes every week at her favorite credit union.

“I call them my family,” Lynette said about her visits to the Northwest Community Credit Union Roseburg branch.

“They know me by name. Everyone is so kind. They give me a hug and make me feel better.”

While the folks at the branch do enjoy Lynette’s visits and wish her all the best with every interaction, one of the biggest reasons for her improved health has been her drive to quit smoking.

“I smoked for 48 years,” Lynette added. “I even smoked through radiation and chemo. Then I heard about the cessation program at the Cancer Center. I’ve been smoke-free for as long as I’ve been cancer free. I hope my story can help others quit.”

Image of Lynette getting a hug at the branch While she often daydreams about lighting up a cigarette, she’s found a way to cope with a simple set of stickers that she can place one-by-one into a special book.

“My health has really improved,” she said. “I’m using fewer inhalers, and I am off the high blood pressure medications.”

Even with everything going on in her life, Lynette still finds time to work and help others. “I’d love to retire and volunteer at the Community Cancer Center,” she said with a smile. “But I really enjoy what I do.”

Lynette has been a caregiver and domestic engineer for well over 30 years. She got her start in the Portland area. But when her mom got sick, Lynette dropped everything to help her mother. Today, she’s cleaning homes and providing care for a handful of clients throughout the Roseburg community. She’s also walking as much as she can every day.

“I entered the Focus on Hope Fun Run and Walk earlier this year,” Lynette added. “Everyone who participated and crossed the finish line got a medal. It was fun.”

Lynette also participates in a special program at the area YMCA in collaboration with the Knight Cancer Institute. She and a dozen other cancer survivors exercise together two nights a week. As she continues to improve her health, she’s always thinking ahead to her next cancer checkup.

“I get nervous with every test. I get checked every three months.”

For now, Lynette is happy taking her 1-mile walk around the hospital, exercising at the YMCA, visiting the credit union every Friday, and providing top-notch home care for those who need it.

At Northwest Community Credit Union, we applaud uncommon members like Lynette. Not only do we enjoy seeing her every time she comes by the credit union, but it’s our pleasure to help with all of her finances, including cashing checks, saving for the future, and helping her keep track of her checking balance.

We’re here for you, too. Stop by your favorite, local branch and see why Lynette and others applaud our uncommon service and member focus.