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Shared Branching Options

NWCU does not offer shared branching.

As of June 11, 2017, Northwest Community Credit Union discontinued the shared branching program for our members and guest members.

When we audited the shared branching service, we found that it was no longer in our members’ best interests. Shared branching exposes our members and our institution to more financial fraud that any other type of money transfer.

The service is used more by members of other credit unions, which means longer lines for our own members while we assist guest members.

Weighing the benefits and risks to our members, we felt that discontinuing this service would be the best course of action, leading to shorter lines and less fraud risk for our members.

How can you access money without shared branching?

  • NWCU ATM or debit cards: We are still a member of the CO-OP ATM network, so you can use your NWCU ATM or debit card at any CO-OP ATM to get cash or make deposits. You can also get cash back using your debit card at places like grocery stores and gas stations.
  • Remote deposit capture: NWCU members can use our mobile app and a smart phone to deposit checks.
  • Money transfer: You can use money transfers to electronically transfer funds between financial institutions.
  • NWCU branches: NWCU members can visit 17 branch locations across the state, many with Saturday hours.
  • Direct deposit: Directly getting your paycheck deposited is offered by many employers—skip the bank visit and have the money go directly into your account.

How can you transfer money between institutions and people?

Money transferring options are available to all members with a checking account at NWCU. You must be signed up for eBanking and enrolled in Bill Pay to access our online money transferring option.

BillPay allows you to set up payments for bills (even those at other financial institutions) and External Transfers help you send money to your accounts at other financial institutions. We also offer Zelle® for transferring money to friends, family, and trusted contacts.