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Northwest Protect Debt Cancellation Program

Worried about missing payments on your loan or credit card due to an unforeseen life event? We have you covered.

Northwest Protect (NWP) is an optional debt cancellation service that helps cover payments when unforeseen events come up, based on elected coverage.

We never want you to worry about missing a payment for circumstances out of your control.

How Northwest Protect Helps You

Adding NWP to your loans can help you avoid:

  • Payment extensions
  • Loan modifications, which can impact your credit
  • Payment delinquency
  • Repossession or foreclosure

What Does Northwest Protect Cover?

NWP is an optional multi-tiered debt cancellation service that can be added to your loan or credit card account. NWP can cover the remaining loan balance if the borrower dies, covers your payment if you become disabled and unable to work, or covers your payment if you find yourself involuntarily unemployed. It will cover the first two individual borrowers.

NWP Coverage Options

Life Coverage

This option pays off the loan in the event that one of the borrowers passes away.

  • The maximum coverage is $50,000.
  • Coverage does not extend to self-inflicted injuries or pre-existing conditions longer than 6 months.
  • If a borrower is age 70 or older, this will cover 25% of the balance, for a maximum of $12,500.
  • The cost for this coverage is $1.49 per $1,000.00 of outstanding loan balance.
Life & Disability Coverage

Electing to add disability coverage to your life coverage will allow you to file a claim that will make payments on the loan from the 31st day of disability forward.

  • Claims are based on the number of hours you’re working at the time of the event.
  • Retirement or other life changes will affect the claim, and the same exclusions for life coverage apply here.
  • This is an excellent choice if you’re concerned about injuries, whether in the workplace or elsewhere.
  • Maximum coverage per loan is $50,000, and the cost is $2.89 per $1,000 of outstanding loan balance.
Life, Disability, and Unemployment

Opting for the full suite of coverage adds an additional claim option in the event of involuntary unemployment.

  • If you are currently employed for more than 25 hours/week, and experience an involuntary job loss, a claim can be filed.
  • The policy must also be in place for at least 6 months for the claim to be accepted.
  • After the claim is initiated, NWP will pay up to 6 months of payments from the 31st day of unemployment, for a maximum of $3,000 on standard loans and credit cards.
  • The cost for full coverage is $3.89 per $1,000 of outstanding loan balance.

Let’s see how NWP coverage would look like on a new $20,000 auto loan for the first month’s payment:

Coverage Balance NWP Monthly Fee
Life $20,000 $21.49
Life & Disability  $20,000 $57.80
Life, Disability & Unemployment $20,000 $77.80

The monthly fee is folded into the loan, but because it is charged in relation to your loan balance, it becomes less expensive over time, as the loan balance is paid down.

How to Get Protected

Your Member Service Specialist can talk with you about Northwest Protect and add it to your loan.

To add Northwest Protect to your existing NWCU accounts or file a claim, visit your local branch or call us at (800) 452-9515.