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Free Credit Monitoring with My Credit Score

Your Credit Score, Now in eBanking!

You now have instant access to your credit score, credit report, and personalized money-saving offers, all within eBanking!

Introducing My Credit Score, powered by SavvyMoney. It's built right into our online and mobile banking, so you don't need a new login.

My Credit Score allows you to see your credit score and financial education tips on how to improve your score or maintain an already great score.

Checking up on your credit score regularly has lots of benefits:

  • Monitor your credit and see alerts for major changes
  • Identify credit bureau errors
  • Fraud prevention
  • Understand the factors that impact your credit score
  • See how you're progressing toward your financial goals!

Note: Free credit reports are available at; you don't need to enroll in My Credit Score in order to get one.

My Credit Score on laptop

How to Use My Credit Score

In order to use My Credit Score, you'll need to have an eBanking login.

Once you've logged into eBanking on your device, follow these steps to enroll in My Credit Score:

  1. Tap the Menu button
  2. Tap Account/Loan Services
  3. Select My Credit Score
  4. Put in your birthday and click the box to authorize SavvyMoney to pull your credit. Note: This is a "soft pull," which does not affect your credit score.
  5. Once you've submitted your enrollment, you'll have access to your credit score within 24 hours!

What My Credit Score gives you

Once you sign up with My Credit Score, you'll receive a welcome email! And you'll have access to:

  • Refresh your credit score every 24 hours
  • Credit and financial education to help you improve or rebuild your score
  • Personalized offers that can get you the best rate for your credit score
  • Identity production: you'll be notified to any major changes or activity on your credit report
  • A credit score simulator that can help you see how different actions can affect your credit score

Plus, you can log into eBanking and see your credit score any time!

Have questions or need help getting started? Give us a call at (800) 452-9515.

See Terms and Conditions for My Credit Score, powered by SavvyMoney.