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Uncommon Oregonians: The Mobile Colemans

Mitzi Coleman, Uncommon Mom
Member Since: 2008
Favorite Branch: Medford Branch
Loves Her: Level-Up Northwest Savings (and everything else)

Uncommon Oregonians: The Mobile Colemans

Mitzi Coleman and her husband Adam are hard to pin down. It’s not that they’re elusive or shy; quite the opposite. What keeps them on the go are their four kids along with a labradoodle that’s easily the favorite child.

Before they were Northwest Community members, the Coleman family was out looking for a new car. The dealership told them about Northwest Community Credit Union’s auto financing, and the rest has been a match made in savings heaven.

“That was our first purchase together,” recalled Mitzi when asked about financing their vehicle with Northwest Community. “It was so delightful that we moved everything over to the credit union.”

"We’re so happy to be Northwest Community members."

Today, the family’s savings, checking, vehicle loans, boat loan, credit cards, and personal loan are all at Northwest Community.

“That’s when we decide to buy ourselves an RV,” she said with a semi-serious laugh. “Our own mobile condo.”

It was a good move for the family. The Coleman’s oldest daughter is a soccer player. She’s on a competitive traveling team that plays in Portland quite often, which means the family spends quite a bit of time (and money) traveling for games and practices.

Adam and Mitzi Coleman with their four kids and family dog in front of their RV

“The Fleetwood Southwind is 32 feet long with two slide-outs. It’s the perfect replacement for a hotel room,” she added. “Weekend trips to Portland would cost us $1,500 before. It added up. Now we can do it for $500 a trip. Maybe less. Plus, we have our own kitchen and bathroom.”

With that RV loan, the Colemans have five loans with Northwest Community Credit Union, making them eligible for the top-tier of the Level-Up Northwest™ Savings Account.

“Every loan we have adds another percentage point to our savings,” Mitzi commented. “Since we’re earning 5.0%* on our savings and the RV loan isn’t much higher than that, it almost evens out.”

The Coleman family has always been eager to travel to the coast, go camping, or take a road trip. Now with the RV, they’re doing it in style. And they’re saving money too, including earning more on their savings.

“I can even work in the RV. It’s great. We’re so happy to be Northwest Community members.”

At Northwest Community Credit Union, we’re always eager to meet more uncommon Oregonians. Like us, Mitzi’s plan revolves around her family, regardless of how much driving, time, or money it takes to make memories and give her kids the world.

So, while she’s taking another trip north to Portland or the couple is taking their kids on an excursion across the country, we’ll be adding to their savings with the Level Up Northwest Savings Account. The more our members use the credit union, the more we can give back. And that’s what it’s all about.

*The rates stated in this post are based on member holding qualifying loans; rates for others may vary based on loans held. For more information about the Level Up Northwest™ Savings account, see our disclosures.