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Level Up Your Savings

Our new savings account can offer you more interest!

Level Up Northwest™ Savings account rewards you for having your loans* with us! You'll earn more on your savings, based on up to 5 consumer loans and mortgages that you have at NWCU.

Check out the rates and start earning today!

Need a loan? Whether you're looking for financing on a new or used car or RV or you're remodeling your bathroom or buying a new home, we have loan options for you!

If you have questions, give us a call at (800) 452-9515 or come into any local branch. Or you can apply online today to open an account:

Open a Level Up Northwest Account Now

If you don't see the account at first, click "Show more products."

See Rates & Truth-in-Savings disclosures for the Level Up Northwest savings account.

**Annual Percentage Yield. $10 minimum balance required. APR accurate as of 01/10/2023. Rate may change after account is opened. 0 qualifying loans 0.05% APY; 1 qualifying loan 1.00% APY; 2 qualifying loans 2.00% APY; 3 qualifying loans 3.00% APY; 4 qualifying loans 4.00% APY; 5 qualifying loans 5.00% APY. Rate is determined by the number of qualifying loans held at the end of the last day of the prior month. Qualifying loans include consumer loans (excluding Upstart Loans) in good standing with balances over $10,000 and up to one (1) mortgage loan per tax reporting owner on the last day of the prior month; up to five (5) qualifying loans. During the month in which the savings account is opened, the account will earn the “No qualifying loans” rate through the end of the month. Beginning on the 1st day of the following month, the rate associated with the number of qualifying loans will take effect and earned for that month. Additionally, when an additional qualifying loan is opened, the Level Up Northwest Savings rate will be updated the 1st day of the month following the month the qualifying loan was opened. Fees can reduce earnings on the account.