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Summer Travel Series: Camping in Oregon

Explore Oregon This Summer!

We love enjoying the great outdoors here in Oregon and encourage you to get outside and explore your own favorite places. Find inspiration with new and different camping adventures. Whether you have specific requests or want to find something new, you can certainly find it under the stars camping! Try out one of Oregon’s great State Parks for a spot, or go farther to some of these National Park camping locations. No matter which area you chose to stay in, we’re sure that you will find something to love.

After highlighting so many great destinations and rivers, we want to show you all the ways you can camp out like an Oregonian during your summer travels. How many places will you camp out at this summer?

Tent Camping

With so many designated recreation areas to choose from, it’s hard to pick where to pitch a tent. Some of the best campsites can be found at local state parks. With limited gear in a tent, this can be a great option that’s inexpensive and accessible for many of us looking to lounge under the stars.

Here are some helpful tips for your next tent camping trip:

  • Practice setting your tent up at home before you go. This will make it easy to do once you get to the campsite.
  • Bring a tarp for a waterproof footprint to lay underneath your tent; this will help keep your tent dry.
  • Face your tent door into the wind; this will help keep mosquitos out. The flying bugs will gather more on the side of the tent that is downwind.
  • Bring extra padding to sleep on. Mattress pads are a great option, and you’ll be thankful for the extra cushion.
  • Leave the campsite as you found it. Always clean up after yourself and leave no trace behind.
RV Camping

Camping in a recreational vehicle can give you a luxury of a home away from home. Many RVs come with spaces to prep food, shower, and sleep with air conditioning to keep you cool.

There are multiple RV shares and rentals that can make this dream a reality if buying an RV isn’t on your to-do list. Want to make RV travel a regular thing? We offer affordable financing on RVs to help you accomplish your camping and traveling needs. Check out our current rates.

Here are some helpful tips for your next RV camping trip:

  • Pre-plan which items you’ll need to bring in the RV. Use a checklist so you don’t forget anything.
  • Research RV parks and decide which nearby amenities you’ll need or want. You can find a plethora of both public and private RV parks around the state; here’s a list.
  • Reserve a spot.
  • Check towing capacity, RV height, tire levels, and roadside assistance options before heading out.
Alternative Camping

More unconventional ways to enjoy the outdoors is to camp in unique options like a yurt, tepee, or cabin. These are all great options for larger groups, since many sleep five or more people. They're a nice short-term option for those that aren’t ready to invest in a tent or RV.


A yurt is a circular building consisting of one large room. Occasionally, you may find some yurts with additional areas for a kitchen setup or restroom facilities. Yurts are available with and without electricity. If you prefer to stay inside, yurt camping could be a great option for you. Many yurts are pet friendly and available year round.


If you like the idea of a tent but want something a little more substantial, try a tepee. Northwest tribes didn’t use tepees, but you can camp out in one at several places around the state. These can be reserved for a small fee and are available seasonally, and year-round.


Cabins offer the comforts of home; they come in all sizes and are often equipped with plumbing and electricity. If you don’t want to feel as rustic as you might in a tent, this is a great option! Many cabins are pet friendly so you can bring the whole family.

Watch Tower Camping

Outside of fire season, forest watch towers are an adventurous option for experiencing an unforgettable style of camping. Due to the widespread popularity of these towers, many of them book up almost instantly up to a year in advance. If you do get the opportunity to camp out in a fire watch tower, it will be a rugged and unforgettable experience. You can drive to some of the lookout towers, but others require a few miles’ trek in and out.

Imagine spending a night under the stars camping in our beautiful state! Enjoy the adventure, no matter how you choose to camp out.

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