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Mobile Thumb Bar

Mobile banking is becoming more and more popular among NWCU members! That’s why we’re happy to introduce the mobile thumb bar feature to simplify your life. It’s available via the mobile app and allows you to navigate while you’re on the go. Here are a few ways you can use Mobile Thumb Bar to simplify your mobile banking experience.

Checking Your Balance in Real Time

You’re at the cash register, and the total is more than you thought it’d be. We’ve all been there before. Thankfully, with a mobile thumb bar, you can transfer money between accounts faster than ever before. Login, swipe, and just like that, you’re ready to check out in record time.

Better Accessibility

Members with limited dexterity in their hands will find mobile thumb makes it easier to navigate the app. In fact, if your device has your login information saved, then you can complete most mobile banking tasks using the mobile thumb bar only!

Streamline Your Mobile Experience

Mobile app users can use the mobile thumb bar to find what they need on the app much faster. Instead of bouncing between multiple screens and several clicks, you can access and traverse the app in a more linear, straightforward way. Basically, you’ll spend less time looking for the screen you need. And you’ll spend less time completing whatever task you initially logged on to accomplish.

A mobile thumb bar is a small change that has big benefits. Start using it today!

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