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Lunar New Year 2024

Prepare for Lunar New Year with red, Year of the Dragon, envelopes from Northwest Community Credit Union! To celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year, we're offering limited-time cash envelopes upon request to members who visit the branch. As a community-focused organization, we're excited to shine the spotlight on the East Asian community.

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Are you curious about the importance of lucky red envelopes for the Lunar New Year?

Here's what you need to know.

When is Lunar New Year?

The lunar cycle lasts 12 months but because the exact dates of full moons vary, so too does the Lunar New Year. As such, it begins at a different time each year. This year, it begins on Feb 10th.

What is Lunar New Year

Many Asian countries use a Lunar Calendar, which means the new month begins at the start of the full moon. Interestingly, the Lunar calendar predates the Gregorian calendar used by Americans and other countries.

What Does Year of The Dragon Represent?

In Asia, the Dragon signifies luck, life, and wisdom and ushers in a new year of prosperity and happiness. Other lunar animals include the ox, rat, horse, monkey, tiger, snake, rabbit, chicken, dog, and pig. However, some Asian countries have different animals more closely aligned to their culture.

What Countries Celebrate the Lunar New Year?

The Lunar New Year celebration is a factor for almost all countries that follow the lunar calendar. This includes but isn't limited to China, Korea, and Vietnam. It's worth noting that some countries, like Japan, used to employ the Lunar calendar but switched to the Gregorian one. However, pockets of celebrations can still be found in Japanese communities.

How Is The Lunar New Year Celebrated?

The most popular way to celebrate Lunar New Year is by gifting red envelopes filled with cash. There are also do's and don't involved. For example, don't give someone a black-and-white photo during the Lunar New Year, as it can be perceived as a bad omen. Much like the animals used for the lunar calendar, the exact dos and don'ts vary between cultures. In solidarity with our Asian community, NWCU will keep red cash envelopes on hand for branch members who request them.