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Say Bye to Your Balance

Kiss Your Credit Card Balance Goodbye

Every credit card transaction is a chance for you to get rid of your credit card balance!

With every purchase you make on your Northwest Community Credit Union credit card, you’ll earn an entry for our drawing—several lucky winners will get their credit card balance paid off every month until the end of the year!*

And if you transfer balances to your NWCU credit card, each balance transfer counts as two entries!

Winners Every Month!

We'll draw two winners in October and November, and four winners in December!

If you've won, we'll pay off your NWCU credit card balance up to $5,000. We'll give you a call to let you know you're a winner!

To enter, use any NWCU credit card (though business credit cards are not eligible). That includes:

  • Northwest Visa
  • Shared Secured Visa
  • Platinum Northwest Rewards Visa
  • Home Equity Rewards Visas
  • Gold Visa
  • Classic Visa

Official Contest Rules

PROMOTION PERIOD: The promotion period begins October 1, 2019 and ends December 31, 2019.
ELIGIBILITY: Open to all individuals who are 18 years of age or older. Void where prohibited.
ENROLLMENT: There is no enrollment necessary for this promotion, qualified transactions will count as an entry automatically.
ENTRIES: Receive an entry by making a purchase using your NWCU Visa credit card. All purchases count as one entry, balance transfers count as 2 entries, cash advances do not count as entries. LIMITS: There is no limit for transactional entries.
TO ENTER TO WIN WITHOUT MAKING A TRANSACTION: Send a 3”x 5” card with your handwritten name, phone number, and date of birth to “Enter to Win: NWCU”, PO Box 10607, Eugene, OR 97440. Each card is one entry. Entries must be received by the credit union during the promotion period in order to qualify. LIMITS: 1 entry per postmarked envelope, and a limit of 10 separately mailed entries per account will be accepted each month. If you win without a transaction and have a NWCU Visa, we will credit your Visa account to pay off your balance as of the end of the month that we received the post card, up to $5,000. If you win without a transaction and do not have a NWCU Visa we will deposit $50 into your member share account. If you have a Visa account and it has a $0 balance on the last day of the month, you will receive NO FUNDS.
PRIZES: A random drawing will occur on the last day of each month of the promotion from entries received during that month. Each month is considered a new drawing pool. The purchases you make in October qualify you for the October drawing, the purchases you make in November qualify you for the November drawing, the purchases you make in December qualify you for the December drawing. Two winners will be chosen in October, two winners will be chosen in November, and four winners will be chosen in December. NWCU will pay off each winner’s NWCU Visa account balance as of the last day of the month (no exceptions) up to $5,000. The credit will be posted to the Visa account by the 5th day of the following month. Cardholders will still be responsible for any remaining balance and pending transactions. Participants are eligible to win ONCE throughout the 3-month promotion. The winners will be contacted by phone and by email, if we do not have an email the winners will only be contacted by phone. Winners are only eligible to win the promotion and have their balance paid off once.
TAXES: If the balance paid off is more than $600, a 1099-MISC will be generated by NWCU and sent out to the winners for tax purposes.
ODDS: Odds are dependent on the number of entries during each month of the promotional period.
SPONSOR: Contest is sponsored by Northwest Community Credit Union (NWCU), 545 E 8th Ave , Eugene OR 97401.