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Credit Union Employees Are a Lifeline in Hard Times

In June 2019, a North Bend mill closure led to sudden unemployment for one member who found meaningful options with the help of Member Service Specialist Angie Smith. In Fall of 2020, Eugene Member Experience Consultant Heather Hecker helped a member who’d just lost everything in a wildfire.

These stories reflect the countless numbers of Oregonians served by credit union employees who strive to find solutions to tough situations.

"My heart and gratitude go out to those who are less fortunate and a credit union that wants to help.”

North Bend Mill Closure Challenges a Family’s Stability

John had been a member of NWCU for almost as long as he’d worked for Georgia Pacific—25 years. He visited the North Bend Branch because he heard about how Northwest Community Credit Union would assist the Georgia Pacific workers affected by the closure.

“He brought with him all monthly bills, mortgage statement, and pay stubs, and wanted to see what the credit union could help him with,” said Member Service Specialist Angie Smith.

“John was not sure exactly how everything would turn out, but wanted to make sure his family would be financially stable during this difficult transition.”

Angie and the member, John, began to piece together ideas on ways the credit union could help. They reviewed options for his debit, his savings, and his retirement.

Angie explained, “With a sizeable balance in his Money Market account, I shared that he could now be earning 1% on funds due to his current Mortgage Loan with us. We talked about our new Level Up Savings account and how this might help.”

“John expressed interest in moving his auto loan or refinancing all his debt into a Home Equity. Doing this would qualify 2% interest earned on his savings.”

Additionally, they looked at options for John to sit with the credit union’s affiliate financial planner to review his 401K currently with Georgia Pacific.

Angie said, “This is a life changing event for this member and his family. He worked hard at his job and spent 25 dedicated years with the company. He had to venture out to look for a new job, transfer his 401k and contemplate multiple options to pay off his debt.”

John said, “It’s a lot to take in and I’m thankful for the credit union and their willingness to look at options to help me and my family.”

Angie knows that helping the member find the solution that works for them means listening and uncovering the member’s needs.

“I enjoy talking with people and finding that "common bond" with someone who sits at my desk and helping them find whatever financial goal they are seeking. It is a privilege to share my knowledge with members and help them reach goals they didn't think they could meet.”

2020 Wildfires: One Member’s Story

Thousands of Oregon families have lost their homes to Oregon wildfires. One member lost everything.

“I just lost everything from my business to my clothing in one of these fires. My car is burned up and so is most everything else.”

As a business owner, Larry was concerned about his staff. “I have employees who are not insured, so they are in a bad way.”

After connecting with his insurance agent, Larry turned to Northwest Community Credit Union, where he found more than loans and products to help him; he found Uncommon Care with the help of Member Experience Consultant Heather Hecker.

“Heather has been very sympathetic and has a sincere desire to help. That’s the kind of people you will find at Northwest Community Credit Union.”

“Even though it will take years for me to rebuild my home and business my heart and gratitude go out to those who are less fortunate and a credit union that wants to help.”