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Clover: How Clover Streamlines and Simplifies Your Business

Business owner balancing till

Over 5 million businesses are started every year. And every small business owner will tell you that accepting payments is one of the first and most challenging hurdles to overcome. That’s especially true as more and more consumers move away from carrying cash. That means as a business owner, it’s up to you to meet your potential customers in the digital space. Thankfully, NWCU and Clover® can help.

Clover helps countless businesses rise to the occasion by accepting modern payment options like tap to pay, money transfers like PayPal, and even utilizing QR codes for goods. Here are the main benefits of Clover and how you can get started.

What Does Clover Do?

Clover is an all-in-one point of sale, also known as a POS, system that lets customers quickly and conveniently pay.

Will Clover Accept Payments from Anywhere?

With the right plan, Clover lets business owners accept domestic and international payments, which expands any potential customer base. It’s simple; a broader market equals more potential sales. This is especially beneficial for eCommerce businesses with online-only storefronts. That includes apparel, consulting, content creation, etc. Plus, accepting payments from anywhere also means on the go, in the moment, and anywhere you make a sale.

Does Clover Enhance Customer Experience?

Businesses with limited payment options lose out on sales. If a customer finds a product of yours they want to purchase but can’t due to payment limitations, then chances are they’ll find a similar product elsewhere. You made the product, started the business, and marketed it. It’s time to get paid for your efforts. Enhance customer experience and keep customers with near-limitless payment options provided by Clover. But that’s not the only way Clover helps. Clover users can create reward programs that boost customer engagement and loyalty at no added expense.

Is Clover Easy to Use?

Business complications cost you time and money. It should be effortless for a customer to purchase your product. And completing a transaction in as few steps as possible is a key aspect of customer experience, which in turn, boosts your word-of-mouth reviews. Clover makes the entire process easy for your customers and for you. Clover plans can include an easy-to-use and discreet handheld point-of-sale system that lets you manually accept payments whenever and wherever you need.

Handheld Clover systems are practically ready-to-go right out of the box. That means you’ll spend less time working out the kinks and more time actually growing your business. Plus, Clover systems have seamless integration with NWCU accounts. So, you can get started right away.

Stellar Business Management Options

Here’s the thing, Clover isn’t just a Point-of-Sale system. It can also help you manage the day-to-day of your growing business. That includes inventory management, staff scheduling, payroll, and more. Eliminate the need to bounce between countless apps and websites by exploring Clover options. Do everything you need with one simple and reliable system. Plus, Clover is tailored to your specific business. Do you want to run a limited-time campaign? Offer exclusive deals to loyal members? Or even start a rewards discount program? Do it all with Clover from the convenience of your phone, laptop, or clover device.

Is Clover Worth it for Small Businesses and Micro-Businesses?

Clover benefits any small business, and there are no minimum requirements to get started. That said, businesses with a steady influx of new and old customers, businesses with limited payment options, and businesses with online and brick-and-mortar locations have the most to gain by switching to Clover. There are tons of payment processing options for businesses, but few of them operate as an as a complete, affordable solution, as Clover does. Reach out to NWCU to find out how this powerhouse of a payment processor benefits you.

The Takeaway

The more resources a small business has in its back pocket, the better equipped they are to deal with the unexpected. Plus, keeping your business running smoothly frees you up to expand sustainably. Successful businesses are defined by their ability to adapt to market changes and ever-evolving customer needs. NWCU and Clover integration help you do exactly that.

Simplify your business.

Streamline your payment process.

Start today with Clover.

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