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2023 Project Community Winners

This is our 9th year doing Project Community mini-grants! We're proud to announce that 59 schools have been awarded grants ranging from $100 - $1,500. Countless students in various counties will be positively impacted by the wonderful projects funded by these mini-grants.

Read on to learn more about the mini-grant winners and what they'll be using their funding for!

blog-header.jpgEight children and their teacher huddled around a plant.

Greater Albany Public School: Jason Crow's mini-grant is going to art supplies to create mini-art lessons!

North Albany Elementary: Jenniffer Gilder is putting her mini-grant towards a hands-on math intervention curriculum.

North Albany Elementary: Emmalee Keys is using her mini-grant for new chrome books for special education classrooms.

Oak Grove Elementary School. Matthew Shreve's mini-grant is going towards math games that target specific kindergarten standards

North Albany Middle School: Jil Erhardt's mini-grant will be used for chapter books for struggling readers.

Hands-On Dow Yeh's mini-grant will be used to purchase computers and software for Life Skills programs for students with developmental disabilities.

Elkton Grade School: Lori Fisher's mini-grant is for a multi-class field trip to a Wildlife Safari!

South Umpqua High School: Jennifer Porter's mini-grant will be spent on Algebra and Geometry tools for every student!

Tri-City Elementary: Karen Vincent plans to use their mini-grant for digital keyboards to teach music classes.

Roseburg High School: Branden Hansen's mini-grant is going towards a new flute for band class.

Canyonville School: Kristina Gale's mini-grant is for new library signage shelves to help students find the books they need.

Coffenberry Middle School: Sandy Osborne's mini-grant is for supplies for an upcoming Future Business Leaders (FLBA) community service project.

Joseph Lane Middle School: Teacher Cassidy Bell's mini-grant will be spent on 24 aerobic steps for individualized physical activity lessons.

McGovern Elementary School: Yuka Matasuzoe's mini-grant is going towards books and art supplies for their students!

Hoover Elementary: Lauren Martinez plans to use their mini-grant for books focused on early literacy development.

Rogue Christian Academy: Shonna Bouteller's mini-grant is for phonics, math, and spelling material for their third-grade classroom.

Grants Pass High School: John Kellog is using their mini-grant to buy handheld electronics for their literature class.

St. Paul Catholic School: Caitlin Breitenstein's mini-grant will be used for flexible seating items to support the diverse learners in their classroom.

Malabon Elementary School: Denae Potterf's mini-grant is for a field trip to Dorris Ranch, where students can learn about the traditions of the Kalapuya people.

South Eugene High School: Britta Ellis is using their mini-grant for a dozen graphic calculators and batteries to power them!

Creslane Elementary School: Amy Halley's mini-grant will be used for books to fill Creslane Elementary's book vending machine.

Hamlin Middle School: Teacher Lily-Of-The-Valley is putting their mini-grant towards a classroom divider to enhance small group instruction for special needs students.

Creswell High School: Kori Wanner's mini-grant is going toward a 6-month subscription to for their Spanish class.

Creswell High School: Julie Johansen's mini-grant is being put toward the Future Business Leaders of America program.

Guy Lee Elementary School: Monica Tapia is using their mini-grant for a field trip for her 5th-grade dual language students.

Hamlin Middle School: Jennifer Mays' mini-grant is for anxiety and stress tool kits for middle schoolers.

St. Paul Catholic School: Educator Courtney Moore is using their mini-grant for library books focusing on diversity, non-fiction, and positive meanings.

Coburg Community Charter School: Elizabeth Schneider's mini-grant is for sensory tools and teaching materials to better support their students.

Pleasant Hill Elementary School: Kaitlyn Michlanski's mini-grant will be spent on a class pet fish and snail to teach students the importance of responsibility and caring.

Al Kennedy High School: Daniel Henson's mini-grant is going toward a set of durable, industry-standard guitars and amps for their music class.

Academy for Character Education: Deneé Frelich's mini-grant is being used to buy a big screen and document camera to enhance their lesson plans.

4j Chinese Immersion School: Haihui Wang's mini-grant is going toward new chairs for students!

Edgewood Community: Melissa Nixon's mini-grant is for materials to create a "calming corner" and "movement break" space in the classroom.

Applegate Elementary School: Peter Bowers's mini-grant is for a laptop computer, set of step-counters and data readers

Fern Ridge Middle School: Garren Piccolo's mini-grant is for engineering design supplies for students!

Coburg Community Charter School: David Wallace is choosing to use their grant for a go-pro camera kit to support videography electives and video programming.

Yolanda Elementary School: Kristine Campbell's mini0grant is for a social-emotional learning educator's kit.

Lebanon High School: Isaac Garber's mini-grant will purchase a set of noise-canceling headphones for the classroom.

West Albany High School: Marcie McArthur's using their mini-grant for graphing calculators.

Meadow Ridge Elementary School: Amy Francis'mini-grant is for DecaDeck cards for firstgraders!

Waverly Elementary School: April Kessler's mini-grant will go toward a tool kit for high sensory needs.

West Albany High School: Shea Bender's mini-grant will be used to purchase a baby simulator to teach students responsibility and childcare techniques.

Tangent Elementary School: Elizabeth Marteeny's mini-grant is for math materials and games tailored toward small-group instruction.

West Albany High School: Joey Running's mini-grant is for a mentorship program for financial literacy.

Oak Elementary School Ashleigh Thorstad's Project Community mini-grant is for the purchase of art supplies for second-grade students!

Memorial Middle School: Peter Cooke's mini-grant is for newspapers and magazine subscriptions for the school library.

Riverview Elementary School: Maureen Garber is using their mini-grant for flexible seating items, classroom carpets, cushions, blankets, fidget spinners, and more.

North Albany Middle School: Chelsea Yurchenko's purchasing Lego sets with their mini-grant.

West Albany High School: Jodi Howell's using their mini-grant to purchase art supplies for students

Oak Elementary School: Aret Amberg's grant is going toward new books for the school library.

South Albany High School: South Albany's Sharayah Johnson is using their mini-grant for the purchase of scooter boards for PE!

Riverview Elementary School: Makenna Slavenski is using their grant for chair pockets for kindergarteners.

South Shore Elementary School: Mariana Fisher is using their mini-grant for Social Emotional Learning Curriculum.

West Albany High School: Meghan Lien-Bewley's mini-grant is going toward Bee-Bots and mats and accessories for the Child Development Program.

Hamlin Middle School: Brandon Schrock's using their mini-grant to purchase "Can't Hurt Me." By David Goggins to foster resilience and personal growth.

Crater Renaissance Academy: Matthew Scheytt's using their mini-grant to buy library books.

Evergreen Middle School: Scott Harrington is using the NWCU mini-grant to purchase art and engineering supplies for students.

West Union Elementary School: Mini-grant winner and teacher, Kim Harrington, is using their mini-grant to purchase books on Native American art forms and storytelling.