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2022 Project Community Mini-Grant Winners

This is our 8th year doing Project Community mini-grants! We're proud to announce that 82 schools have been awarded grants ranging from $100 - $1,500, for a total of $67,926 awarded this year! A total of 12,489 students in 12 counties will be positively impacted from the wonderful projects funded from these mini-grants.

Read on to learn more about the mini-grant winners and what they'll be using their funding for!

Benton County

Franklin K-8 School. Marisa Schwartzman is buying xylophones for her students.

Letitia Carson Elementary School. Christy Koegler's mini-grant is going toward books and equipment for a STEAM lab makerspace.

Muddy Creek Charter School. Ginger Whitehead is buying indoor recess activities.

Oak Grove Elementary School. Stacey Morris is purchasing VersaTiles Literacy Classroom for her kindergarten class.

Clackamas County

Beatrice Morrow Cannady Elementary School. Michele Giddings is buying controlled phonics readers that will be benefit grades 3 - 5.

Candy Lane Elementary School. Philippa Hill's mini-grant is going for Spanish graphic novels and chapter books.

Molalla River School District. Christie Lee is buying age-appropriate books and bookmarks for the Battle of the Books.

Ninety-One School. Abbie Perrin is purchasing a vertical hydroponic growing system to provide hands-on growing experience for a large variety of vegetables.

West Linn High School. Conor Greany is using his mini-grant to expand the graphic novels in the library.

Coos County

Coquille Junior/Senior High School. Bethany Watts is buying transition work items to engage graduating students in skills they'll need for independent living and employment.

Madison Elementary School. Laura Harbolt is purchasing Boomwhackers and percussion instruments to bring music to the classroom.

Millicoma Intermediate School. Rebecca Peters' mini-grant is going toward water color paints for homeroom art lessons.

Millicoma Middle School. Brian Hutchins is buying materials for a space- and water-efficient garden for his third grade class.

Myrtle Crest Elementary School. Eva Williams is purchasing second- and third-grade-level books for intervention reading.

North Bay Elementary School. Lisa Harnden is putting her mini-grant towards heaphones and microphones for computer programs.

North Bend Middle School. Darren Sinko is buying materials for earthquake tables so students can learn about seismic waves.

Deschutes County

Bear Creek Elementary School. Marci Griffiths' mini-grant is going towards djembe drums.

Desert Sky Montessori. Pascaline Myers is purchasing resource books, fiction books, and kits for the classroom library.

John Tuck Elementary School. Susan Gotshall is purchasing decodables to help students with dyslexia or who are struggling to learn to read.

Obsidian Middle School. Julie Bernardi is buying materials to support hands-on woodworking projects for math.

Redmond Proficiency Academy. Tamara Bremont is purchasing a full-body CPR/Trauma Manikin for community health classes.

Douglas County

Eastwood Elementary School. Laura Dowdy's mini-grant funding is going towards games and hands-on materials to teach executive functioning.

Lincoln Middle School. Rachel Newman is buying books, a bookshelf, and materials for a calm-down space.

McGovern Elementary School. Yuka Matsuzoe is purchasing IXL, an online math program for intervention and enrichment.

Riddle Elementary School. Jeri Edwards is using her funding for additional books for the classroom library.

Sunnyslope Elementary School. Staci Parnell is purchasing STEAM materials.

Sutherlin East Primary School. Jennifer Bracken's mini-grant is going towards materials to engage students in science and engineering.

Sutherlin East Primary School. Jodi Holzer is purchasing books to distribute among students to encourage sharing reading experiences with parents and families.

Sutherlin Middle School. Marcus Amies is using Project Community funding for graphing calculators for his 7th grade class.

Jackson County

Eagle Rock Elementary School. Denise Rogers is purchasing Blooket, an online game.

Jefferson Elementary School. Christopher Martin's mini-grant is going towards sensory, academic, and school supplies.

Madrone Trail Public Charter School. Luke Barbee is buying microscopes and slides for science classes.

North Medford High School. Doug Elam is purchasing a subscription to

Rogue Primary School. Maggie Staley's funding is going towards books and materials for a social emotional curriculum.

Table Rock Elementary School. Trinity Kiang is purchasing books in English and Spanish for a dual language class.

Willow Wind Community Learning Center. Mira Peterson-Adams is purchasing picture books for her 1st grade classroom.

Josephine County

Applegate School. Casey Fall's mini-grant is purchasing 3-D printers and related materials.

Fort Vannoy Elementary School. Brandie Carsley is buying manipulatives to help her special education students with hands-on materials to support learning reading, writing, math, science, and art.

Grants Pass High School. Alicia Morales is using her funding for classroom supplies that will support interactive learning in English Language Arts.

Grants Pass High School. John Kellogg's funding is purchasing a game for his Video Games as Literature class.

Illinois Valley High School. Elyssa Winters is using her mini-grant for materials to teach life skills to special education students.

Lincoln Savage Middle School. Brenda Tall is buying LEGO Spike Prime kits and iPads for her coding class.

Madrona Elementary School. Nicole Ferguson-Regal is buying STEM kits and organizational supplies for independent learning opportunities for her 3rd grade class.

North Valley High School. Janene Hansen's mini-grant is going towards a 3-wheel adult trike for exercise and motor movement skills.

Riverside Elementary School. Anthony Barei is buying social emotional learning tools and books.

Lane County

Centennial Elementary School. Nancy Williams's mini-grant is purchasing the Early Numeracy Curriculum and supporting materials.

Creswell Middle School. Jody Reed's funding is purchasing microscopes to update a classroom set.

Crow Middle/High School. Princess Fox is purchasing curriculum and materials for her school counselling program.

Elmira Elementary School. Rose Reynolds is buying headphones to use with Chromebooks.

Hamlin Middle School. Zachary Allen's mini-grant is going towards updating and maintaining tools and materials for the wood shop class.

Harrison Elementary School. Kelsey Dimock is purchasing STEM morning bin supplies for 2nd graders.

McCornack Elementary SChool. Emily Hollander is putting her mini-grant towards hands-on science and math materials for three classrooms.

Oaklea Middle School. Marla Pasterick is buying Breakout EDU kits, which provide an escape room-like activity for the classroom.

Relief Nursery. Karsyn Weiss is purchasing materials to support collaborative play.

Sheldon High School. Brian Brancato's mini-grant is going to purchase EdPuzzle for history students.

Springfield High Schoool. David Frost is buying a digital frame for heritage month displays.

Triangle Lake Charter School. Amie Brecheisen is purchasing base and alto marimbas for her music classes.

Willamette High School. Karlie Chapin's funding is going to create a small community science library.

Linn County

Harrisburg High School. Dana Bowers-Brock's mini-grant will fund a sewing project for life skills students.

North Albany Elementary School. Debbie Blaine is buying Snap Circuit Junior kits and batteries to teach students about electricity.

Oak Elementary School. Aret Amberg's funding will update and add books to the school library.

South Albany High School. Trisha Farver is purchasing graphic novel versions of To Kill a Mockingbird for lower-level and ESL readers.

Tangent Elementary School. Jasmin Beireis is purchasing flexible seating for students who need to move while learning.

West Albany High School. Shea Bender is buying age-appropriate preschool books for West Albany's preschool program.

Marion County

Aumsville Elementary School. Ashley Farrens's mini-grant will purchase book sets for novel studies.

Chapman Hill Elementary. Abby Craig is purchasing LEGO Educational Spike kits.

Chávez Elementary School. Carrissa Fultz is buying headphones to support learning with online math and reading programs.

EDGE Online Program. Kevin Hall's mini-grant will go towards a Drawing tablet.

Hammond Elementary School. Jennefer McKee-Cardenas is purchasing culturally-inclusive reading material in several languages for her students.

Jefferson Elementary School. Sarah Danforth's funding will go towards taking students in every grade level on outside-the-classroom learning opportunities.

Turner Elementary School. Julia McFerron is using her mini-grant to revitalize her reading corner with decodable books, chapter books, and new seating.

Multnomah County

Lane Middle School. Chris Timmerman's mini-grant will fund a trip to OMSI using public transportation.

Metro East Web Academy. Mindy Hardwick is buying a subscription to Book Creator and picture books from different backgrounds to help 11th grade students create materials to share with elementary school students.

Shaver Elementary School. Emma Small is purchasing materials for an intensive literacy program.

Ventura Park School. Cheri Dodge-Chin is using her mini-grant funds for iPads for non-verbal students.

Washington County

Deer Creek Elementary School. Jennifer Brown is buying flexible seating options for her 2nd grade students.

Echo Shaw Elementary School. JoAnne Flores' mini-grant is purchasing a smart TV for her classroom to replace a Smartboard.

Harvey Clarke Elementary School. Eusavia Comfort is buying diverse books to inspire conversations among teachers, specialists, and students.

Imlay Elementary School. Emily Salis is purchasing a license for TouchChat, an augmentative communication voice output system.

Neil Armstrong Elementary School. Jennifer Hauth is using her mini-grant for books and storage bins.

West Union Elementary School. Kim Harrington is buying phonics and decoding readers for students in grades 4 - 6.

Whitford Middle School. Melanie Toth's funding is purchasing white boards and markers for collaborative work in math.