Jon Ruiz profile
Jon Ruiz

Board Director since 2020

Board Director Jon Ruiz joined the NWCU Board in 2020.

Jon was Eugene’s City Manager between 2008–2020; he led the city through the post-2008 economic downturn, managing public services, roads, library and parks. He retired in 2020. Previously, he was an assistant city manager for Fresno, California; a public works director for Ogden, Utah, and street supervisor and community development project manager for Fort Collins, Colorado. He also served in the US Army Reserves, Colorado National Guard (1986–2001); and Active Duty US Army Reserves (1980–1986).

Jon holds an MBA from the University of Colorado (Boulder, CO); and bachelor’s degree in forestry from Colorado State University (Fort Collins, CO). He also holds the Master of Strategic Studies credential from the US Army War College (Carlisle, PA); and has completed the Executive Program for State and Local Government from Harvard University (Cambridge, MA).

In addition to NWCU board service, Jon is Co-founder and Core Team member for The 15th Night, a non-profit advocating for homeless youth regionally who seek services or safe alternatives to living on the street. He is also founder and Steering Committee member for St. Vincent DePaul’s Veterans Housing Project. Jon is also a former United Way Board member investment area committee member; and former member of Lane Metro Partnership (Greater Eugene, Inc.)

Jon’s leisure pursuits include traveling, gardening, kayaking, running, tennis, hiking, camping, reading, teaching, cooking, and playing the piano.