Darcy Phillips profile
Darcy Phillips

Board Director since 2020

Board Director Darcy Phillips joined the NWCU Board in 2020.

Darcy is the Cornerstone Community Housing Executive Director (2016–present). She was previously a director of sponsorship for Holt International (2013–2015); and a technical support manager for Symantec Corp. Darcy also served as a member of the pastoral staff for Eugene Christian Fellowship (2001–2010).

In addition to her NWCU board service, Darcy is a current board member for the Eugene Chamber of Commerce (2018–present). She is a member of the steering committee for Better Housing Together (2017–present), and an ex-officio board member for the Eugene Housing Policy Board (2016–present).

Darcy enjoys active pursuits in her leisure time, including backpacking, traveling, and adventure motorcycling. She also enjoys reading, and spending time with family.