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How the Member Benefits App Could Help Your Business

What’s the Member Benefits App?

The Member Benefits App is a smartphone app designed to connect Northwest Community Credit Union’s members with local businesses offering discounts. The app allows members to find and support local businesses, and businesses can advertise and offer discounts to NWCU members.

We’ve recently updated this app to make it easier for all businesses to participate!

How does the Member Benefits App Work?

The Member Benefits App connects your business with local customers by showing your business and a discount or special offer to local users. The Local Discounts page is where users can see all the discounts and offers in their area. This page has a map that automatically geo-locates to wherever a user is located. This allows users to see what discounts are available closest to them. Users can tap or swipe down on the Categories bar to separate offers by type.

What's in it for Your Business?

The Member Benefits App can provide your business with free marketing opportunities and the chance to find thousands of local customers. You do not need to have personal or business accounts with Northwest Community Credit Union to list your business on the Member Benefits App! Advertising on the app is free and open to any local business. *

Is the Member Benefits App Really Free?

Yes! The app doesn’t cost your business (or the member) anything! The Member Benefits App is a free service we offer businesses.

How Does Your Business Get Started?

Getting on the Member Benefits App is easy! You’ll fill out a form to get started. You’ll need

  • A logo (in .JPG or .PNG)
  • A website link (or link to your Facebook or Instagram page)
  • Details of your offer

Get Your Business on the Member Benefits App Now!

How Can Your Business Accept Offers?

To redeem an offer, you can ask the customer to show you the offer on their app. Or, ask that they mention the ad in the app when putting in an order. If you have questions or need help, visit us in any branch—we’ll be happy to help!

*Currently, we are not accepting marijuana-based businesses on the app.