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Uncommon Oregonians: A Small-Scale Entrepreneur

Sean Moroni, owner of S.O. Tiny Homes
Member Since: 2007
Favorite Branch: Medford North
Loves His: Northwest Visa® Rewards Card

Uncommon Oregonians: Small-Scale Entrepreneur

Tiny homes have created a small-scale revolution in the housing market. Sean Moroni, owner of S.O. Tiny Homes in Central Point, Oregon is enjoying every minute of it.

Just in case you’ve missed the hype, a tiny house is a full-fledged dwelling with all the comforts of a modern-size home, intelligently packed into a space of around 250-square feet.* These homes are beautiful, comfortable, efficient, green, affordable, and transportable. Additionally, the homes that Sean and his team build will soon be famous.

“The team from HGTV's Tiny House Big Living came out and filmed one of our homes,” Sean said. “The home they wanted to see is pretty cool, including a combo washer and dryer, a loft for the kids, stand-up bedroom, and a garage door that opens onto the deck. We’ll be on the show in January.”

Sean started thinking small back when he was building big. Back then, he was working with his dad building million-dollar homes in Ashland.

“I always liked the homes from the 1930s and '40s,” Sean added. “They were built for function. My current partners and I were talking one day and decided to build our own teardrop trailer in the garage. Then we built a tiny home in the alley. It was a good fit.”

The company’s customers think it’s a good fit, too. S.O. Tiny Homes has already sold seven homes in its first year.

One of S.O. Tiny Homes' buildings

For Sean, the part he loves best about running his company is the designing and building of the homes. “I really like to design these homes and do the finish work. When you put in the furniture and decorate a bit, you get that awesome look.”

His kids like the small homes as well. They’ve watched their dad start the company and put in the long hours necessary for success.

“I want to show them that they can start a business, enjoy the adventure, and make a living,” Sean explained. “Plus, I want to show them that you can live small and enjoy life. Living small makes it easier to travel, reduces your power bills, and helps the planet.”

With a company mission to build small, custom spaces, for life’s big adventures, while providing a retreat for those who find comfort in a well-built home, Sean's company is well on its way to becoming a huge success.

“Tiny homes are the future for a lot of people all over the world. They allow for more urban infill, better use of space, and they use fewer resources,” Sean added. “Plus, they’re just cool.”

"I really like to design these homes and do the finish work."

Keeping a new company like S.O. Tiny Homes running smoothly requires some financial ingenuity. Because Sean has been a member for just over a decade, he decided to use his Northwest Visa® Rewards Card to finance orders, pay vendors, and grow the company.

“I love Northwest Community,” he added. “It has a small-town feel with all the resources I need.”

At Northwest Community Credit Union, we think uncommon members like Sean are pretty cool, too. Like us, Sean is dedicated to his community and works hard for a better tomorrow. Whether he’s buying items for a tiny kitchen or other building materials with his Northwest Visa® Rewards Card, we’re honored to be part of his team – and equally excited to see the future of tiny homes take off in a big, big way.

*Please note that NWCU does not offer financing for tiny homes.