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2021 Project Community Mini-Grant Winners

For 2021, we resumed the Project Community mini-grant process for helping teachers get what they need to improve their students' learning.

This year, we're delivering $60,000 to 40 Oregon educators!

See our mini-grant winners and learn more about what they're using their funding for!


Caldera High School. Bekki Tucker is buying materials for a student-based enterprise to teach them about business and career-readiness.

Desert Sky Montessori. Gabrielle Dominguez is purchasing materials and a manual press for the art class to learn about positive and negative space.

Desert Sky Montessori. Simone Morris-Martin is using this mini-grant for a pottery wheel and ceramic supplies.

Cave Junction

Lorna Byrne Middle School. Ashley Pack is buying classroom book sets for her special education classroom.

Coos Bay

Madison Elementary School. Hailey Starks is using this mini-grant for improved environmental materials to help students with attention and learning disorders.

Marshfield High School. Carrie Fields is purchasing a telephoto zoom lens and photographic equipment for the journalism class.


Lincoln School of Early Learning. Rebecca Jones is buying books for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students.


Little Beavers Preschool. Katelyn Geissler is purchasing supplies for fine motor activities, social/emotional development, diversity, and phonetic awareness.

The Little Beavers Preschool supplies

Cottage Grove

Lincoln Middle School. Connor Borigo is funding outdoor education tailored to meet the needs of students with behavioral and emotional challenges.

Eagle Point

Crater Lake Academy. Wendy French is using the mini-grant funds to purchase a project-based science curriculum, kits, and materials.


Awbrey Park Elementary School. Stacie Yarbo is buying ukeleles and accompanying materials for the classroom.

ECCO High School. Theresa Hilkey is purchasing materials for a student-run coffee cart to teach students about business and career readiness.

Malabon Elementary School. Jeni Davidson is buying diversity-focused picture books that can be used for reading and math lessons.

River Road/El Camino del Río Elementary School. Sacia Stiles de Andrade is using the mini-grant for Conscious Discipline materials for school-wide implementation.


Gervais Elementary School. Dr. Creighton Helms is purchasing diverse types of books that will be used school-wide.

Grants Pass

Fort Vannoy Elementary School. Alyssa Evans is purchasing student materials for the Destination Imagination program.

Highland Elementary School. Mandy Jackson is buying the Reflex Math program for her students.

Lincoln Elementary School. Jennifer Hawkins is purchasing new iPads for students to use with math and reading lessons.

North Middle School. Dan Coulter is puchasing materials for the woodworking class and funding a visit to a local sawmill.

Parkside Elementary School. Alisha Wingler is purchasing several materials for her classroom, including an easel, flexible seating, books, and whisper phones.


West Orient Middle School. Tracey Lacey is buying student supplies for a student-run store to help them learn about business and career readiness.


Paul L. Patterson Elementary School. Alesha Brock's mini-grant is going to iPads and LEGO kits for STEAM learning.


Hedrick Middle School. Andrea Tary is purchasing materials to create a calming space for students affected by wildfires and the COVID pandemic.

Jefferson Elementary School. Katherine Altheide is using funding to purchase books that help students with social and emotional learning.

Kids Unlimited Academy. Tracy Rude is buying letter puzzles, math manipulatives, and literacy center materials.


Riverside Elementary School. Antonia Mondejar Palazon is buying materials for their literacy lessons and class library.


Oregon Outreach, Inc. Toni Child is using this mini-grant to support a school garden.

North Bend

North Bay Elementary School. Lisa Harnden is purchasing a class set of headphones for student Chromebooks.

North Bay Elementary student with headphones and Chromebook

North Bend Middle School. Darren Sinko is purchasing equipment for the seventh grade science class to study bacteria growth.


Oakland Elementary School. Sara Carson is buying STEAM equipment and manipulate tools to keep kindergarten students engaged.


Centennial Middle School. Erin Carrock-Godfrey is purchasing art materials to reintroduce an art elective to students.

Jason Lee Elementary School. Nicole De Lagrave is buying a subscription to Flocabulary and materials to support a social studies curriculum.

Wild Lilac Child Development Community. Stephen Karmol's mini-grant is being used to buy a kiln, clay, and ceramic tools for the students to use.


St. Thomas Academy. Andrea Gibson is using the mini-grant funds to improve sensory spaces for their playspace.


Douglas Education Service District. Haley McGee is purchasing social/emotional curriculum dolls and sensory equipment for preschool students.

Eastwood Elementary School. Anela Plunkett is buying materials, sensory items, toys and books that support emotional regulation for special education students.

Roseburg High School. Alicia Larson is purchasing athletic materials and supplies for the Physical Education program.


Hamlin Middle School. Laken Johnson is using mini-grant funds for classroom sets of novels.

Hamlin Middle School. Will Larson is purchasing materials for an all-ages juggling class.


Douglas Education Service District. Juliet Swan is using mini-grant funds to purchase diversity toys, books, puzzles, and classroom supplies for the Yoncalla Early Childhood program.

A Yoncall Early Childhood student with a train set