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2019 Project Community Mini-Grant Winners

Announcing the 2019 mini-grant winners!

Project Community is Northwest Community Credit Union’s mini-grant program supporting Oregon teachers. Project Community provides funding to help teachers with tools and resources they need to create meaningful learning experiences for their students.

Once our 2019 deliveries are completed, Project Community will have awarded over $300,000 in funding. This year, we're delivering $76,000 to 68 Oregon educators!

See our mini-grant winners and learn more about what they're using their funding for!


Calapooia Middle School. Matthew Scott is enhancing music instruction with a set of ukuleles, saxophones, and new music.

Greater Albany Public Schools. Brian Baker is purchasing Base Ten Blocks to help students visualize math concepts.

Brian Baker with NWCU staff and a large award check

Memorial Middle School. Suzanne Slay-Smith will be updating her Food Science Class with new Kitchen Aid mixers.

North Albany Elementary School. LeAnn Wind is using her grant to purchase Drama Teacher Academy, which will provide helpful tools for drama class instruction.

Oak Elementary School. Ashleigh Thorstad is purchasing the Books for Buddy reading program to improve reading fluency.

West Albany High School. Marcie McArthur's grant will purchase scientific and graphing calculators for Algebra and Pre-Calculus classes.


High Desert Middle School. Ben Iverson is using his grant to invest in soldering kits, DIY flashlight kids, and automation and robotic equipment.

Pine Ridge Elementary School. Heather Dunn will purchase HD Word Classroom setup kit to build foundational reading skills.

R.E. Jewell Elementary School. Adam Howell's grant will purchase yoga, badminton, and jump ropes for the P.E. program.

Coos Bay

Marshfield High School. Kaley Sweet is buying virtual business software, including accounting and personal finance, for a new business program.

Millicoma Intermediate School. Cody Carlson will buy monthly science kits for hands-on science projects.

Cottage Grove

Al Kennedy High School. Daniel Henson will purchase new literature for the classroom library.

Al Kennedy High School. Heather Lawson is using her Project Community funding to financial literacy classes to help students with budgeting and financial goals.

Bohemia Elementary School. Nicole McClean's grant will purchase Mo Willems books to teach essential reading skills to 1st graders.

Lincoln Middle School. Heather Devine is using her grant to purchase fitness equipment to enhance P.E. instruction.


Creswell High School. Sandi Green will purchase new instruments to support their growing music program.


Crow Applegate Lorane School District. Sadie Thorin will purchase equipment and supplies to support the biology curriculum.

Crow Middle/High School. Shannon Cheney's grant will buy a document camera and Algebra and Geometry stations.

Shannon Cheney with NWCU CEO John Iglesias and an award check

Gilham Elementary School. Kat Irwin will use her Project Community award to purchase curriculum materials to support development of motor skills.

Kalapuya High School. Naz Zydycryn is using Project Community funding to buy supplies and specialized cooking gear for their Hot Sauce Business project.

Kalapuya High School. Richard Dambrov's grant will purchase beekeeping equipment for a biology project on managing honeybees.

Looking Glass Community Services. Rebecca Marx will use her Project Community funding to take at-risk youth on a field trip to the Ashland Shakespeare Festival.

Sheldon High School. Ann Hettick will buy a simulated smoker's lung comparison kit to show the impact of tobacco, vape, and marijuana smoke on lung tissue.

Sheldon High School. Brad McLean is using his grant to purchase scientific calculators for their Learning Center.

Spencer Butte Middle School. Frances Noyes is purchasing art supplies to teach printmaking.


Glide High School. Jody Doty’s Project Community award will purchase clay kits to teach students about anatomy.

Grants Pass

Grants Pass High School. Michele Napier will use her Project Community funding to buy graphing calculators.

Grants Pass High School. Jennifer Rood's funding sketchbooks and other art supplies for journaling in her American Literature class.

Hidden Valley High School. Chris Pendleton will purchase a curriculum to teach senior students about personal finance and budgeting.

Josephine County JDEP. Ryan Clark's funding will purchase books to build a classroom library for reading confidence and competency.

Manzanita Elementary School. Jaime Catlett will purchase high-interest novels that connect language arts and social studies standards.

North Valley High School. Jeromy Wright will buy small tools and supplies to expand his wood shop program's projects.

La Pine

La Pine Middle School. Jessica Colburn will use her Project Community funds to purchase hands-on social studies materials that help students experience history.

Lake Oswego

Hallinan Elementary School. Rose Freeman will buy Dash Robots so fifth graders can learn coding, problem-solving, and collaboration skills.


Lone Pine Elementary School School. Lauren Martinez's funding will buy phonics and vocabulary games and puzzles for small-group literacy centers.

North Medford High School. Byron Benter is buying young adult books to build a classroom library.

North Medford High School. Charity Malcom will use her Project Community award for whiteboards and markers to increase student engagement in study group discussions.

Charity Malcom with NWCU staff and an award check

South Medford High School. Douglas Hanson’s funding will 3D Connexion mice for engineering and design class projects.

Southern Oregon Education Service District. Robert Wohlers will use his Project Community funding for a 3D printer to help teach math concepts and computer programming to visually impaired students.


Jennings Lodge Elementary School. Shenais Bock's funds will go to diverse and inclusive children's books in English and Spanish.

Myrtle Creek

Coffenberry Middle School. Nathaniel White will purchase a new electric kiln to support his ceramics classes.

North Bend

North Bay Elementary School. Tiffany Schoonover will purchase a variety of P.E. equipment for a newly-created Physical Education program.

North Bend High School. Becky Phillips' funding will purchase Activa Rigid Wrap Plaster Cloth to make sculptures of body organs for Art and Science projects.

North Bend High School. Blake Kemp will purchase micropipettes for the biotechnology lab.

North Bend Middle School. Darren Sinko is buying supplies to build underwater remote-operated vehicles to teach his class about buoyancy and fluid behavior.


Oakland High School. Donald Kaiser is using his funding to buy a classroom set of digital auto-darkening welding tools.

Oregon City

John McLoughlin Elementary School. Julie Phillips’ mini-grant will buy graphing calculators to ensure all students have access to tools for math success.

Oregon City High School. Carey Wilhelm's grant will purchase Chromebooks for the Special Education and English departments.

Redland Elementary School. Kristi Byfield will use her funding for advanced-level books for the school library.


Parkrose High School. Nerissa Ediza will purchase DSLR cameras for photography and student newspaper classes.

Parkrose Middle School. Jody Tucker's Project Community award purchase a class set of social justice books for Humanities classes.

Parkrose Middle School. Jessika Smith's mini-grant will purchase bucket drumming, Boomwhackers, and ukuleles for music instruction.

Russell Elementary School. Andrew Robinson’s grant will purchase Portland Audubon society classes to support a reading unit on birds of prey.

Sacramento Elementary School. Jackie Blair will buy Raz-Plus online reading library to enrich independent reading time.


Fir Grove Elementary School. Teri Moore’s Project Community funding will purchase hands-on science and math materials for her kindergarten students.

Fir Grove Elementary School. Danielle McClendon will purchase Steve Spangler Science kits to give her students a chance to explore the world.

Geneva Academy. Kellie Fusco’s grant will purchase phonics and reading materials for kindergarten students.

Geneva Academy. Kevin Figueroa will use his funding to purchase supplies for Model Bridge Building and Breaking products to explore real-world mathematics.

Green Elementary School. Olivia Pautot (a former NWCU employee!) will buy equipment and supplies for a new classroom.

Olivia Pautot and her class with NWCU staff and a big award check.


Centennial Elementary School. Amy Donaldson will buy rhythmic picture books, hands-on magnets, and writing boards to build kindergarten language skills.

Elizabeth Page Elementary School. Dorian Buttacavoli will purchase alto xylophones to teach music skills.

Mt Vernon Elementary School. Kathryn Hughes’ award will purchase soccer goal nets for P.E. class.

Riverbend Elementary School. Eva La Mar will use her grant to purchase Osmo Explorer starter kits for hands-on coding and math instruction.

Springfield High School. Jon Bridges will purchase snare drums, drumheads, mallets, and SmartMusic curriculum for the music programs.

Thurston Elementary School. Elizabeth Atkerson’s funding will buy "brain bins" to foster creativity and problem solving skills.


Sutherlin High School. Tracie McKnight’s Project Community grant will purchase sewing machines and supplies.


Douglas High School. Jason Tingle will use his mini-grant to purchase online personal finance instruction to build student financial literacy.

Winston Middle School. Katelyn Waggoner is purchasing cameras and digital camcorders for journalism and video broadcast programs.